A famous kitchen ware and cabinet system has to be presented with the best state of design. The building where it is sitting now has carried a lot of features which does not blend well with the end-user. “GBE” needs to lead the project from inception to completion. This tasks involves not only management, but pragmatic approach to deal with complex issues from time to time.


A world class luxury retailer has his store in Central . All the fine and detail design from the Western architect is usually exhibiting divergence with Hong Kong code of practice. “GBE” needs to fill up the gap by mastering the details and feed with the right solutions.


The super luxury watch seller built their first flag ship store in Causeway Bay. The building is aged building with lot of structural defect. To cope with the security needed and ventilation system, a lot of supervision is important. “GBE” acted as the consultant to defend various Buildings works matter and to defend the billboard works.