While many practitioners in the Asian region may be confused regarding the scope of services in “Condition” Survey and “Building Survey”, GBE defines each as follows:

- “Condition Survey” is a snapshot of the existing building condition. It focuses on the existing condition of the building, and provides an appropriate level of comment and repair strategy with estimation.

- “Building Survey” provides a holistic scan on the building. It reviews, comprehends and forecasts. This is a professional examination of the entire building.

GBE believes that different stakeholders/investors/ end-users may have different objectives and purposes in taking up a property. Thus, GBE will seek to provide an appropriate level of survey that suits its client’s needs. For example, a tenant may be interested in a condition survey to understand their schedule of condition and maintenance responsibility, rather than a building survey.

GBE also participates heavily in the construction stage inspection. GBE is frequently invited to attend and provides inspection during critical construction stages, such as steel structure erection, curtain wall installation,external facade cladding installation, concrete to water –tightness structure or underground structure.

Measurement survey has become complex in recent years. There are many confusing terminologies, like Saleable Area , Usable Floor Area, Gross Floor Area, Lettable area, carpet area.

GBE understands there are many properties with missing record plan/ as-built drawings. GBE offers its service to reproduce the dimensional drawings, to measure and turn the figure to readable and conversable terminology for easy communication and understanding.

GBE also provides verticality checking ; tiling monitoring and crack development of many building structures.