With decades of experiences, GBE continues to devote time and resources into Building Surveying Services. We continue to stay updated through research on the many aspects of this complex issue, including building construction, building laws, building pathology, defect development, arbitration and case laws.

GBE’s clientele ranges from portfolio management, facility management, private fund management, to individuals and family offices. GBE takes the perspective of its clients, bringing a proactive and commercial approach with industry’s best standards.

As a firm with qualified and experienced Surveyors, GBE is active in defects investigation, research, and ongoing monitoring. Currently, GBE provides consultancy in the following areas:

Curtain wall glazing color and its visual effect in repair project (Year 2017)
Aluminum cladding top-coated painting system relating to appearance cleanliness (Year 2018)
Glass doors hinges and mal-practice (Year 2018)
Concrete defects commonly found in the non-private sector (Year 2016)
Defect analysis and building pathology study
Concrete and Deleterious materials
Water seepage and damp patches
Structural Inspection

While many practitioners in the Asian Region may often be vague in their deliverables, GBE is committed to provide clear deliverables that are transparent, traceable, and retentive. Equip with experience and expertise, GBE is able to deploy suitable investigation methodology and testing, which ultimately results in a fitting solution.

As each client, be it the investor, stakeholder, or end user, has their own objective with their property, we would tailor our services to their needs. One major issue that GBE identifies is the confusion between Building Survey and Condition Survey.

GBE considers “Condition Survey” a snapshot on the current condition of the building, providing an appropriate level of comment and repair strategy with estimation.

GBE considers “Building Survey” a comprehensive review of the entire building, along with forecast and anticipation of potential issues. This is a professional examination of the whole building.

GBE is also experienced in construction stage inspection. GBE is frequently invited to attend and inspect some critical construction stage such as steel structure erection; curtain wall installation; external facade cladding installation; concrete to water–tightness structure or underground structure.