Austin Avenue Project

GBE reads the Propertyweek. GBE lead Austin Avenue project and have known many buildings in Hong Kong usually was not built with extra E-power; not with adequate ventilation ducting. Worse still, the louvres provision are limited by the pre-dominated needs for beautiful windows and the clear headroom is typically low for better GFA. This makes health sector be difficult to find right premises even this asset class is deemed to be the resilient and perform well in R.O.E.

Habitation Model in Hong Kong

GBE finds there are many variation of habitation Nowdays. From Financial Times, the studio apartment sized averagely at 37sq.m in UK. The smallest in Tyoko is 8sq.m. GBE finds one new recent development in Tuen Mun (HK) at 16sq.m.

Interestingly, some other habitation asset class like extended stay, co living, micro living offer alternative trend. The additional density in these assets uplifting the rents income per square foot but keeps the affordability to tenants.

GBE experienced the technical hurdles to unlock this rental premium potential are windows provision; HVAC, hygiene control, IT system;compliance, floor efficiency.


Insight from Financial Time – Tech stock rally turns Nasdaq positive for the year

Financial times told us “resilient” found in telecommunication giant. In the world of highly interdependent, the real estate expert and professional services almost needs to resort telecommunication to leverage their efficiency and accuracy. GBE believes the real estate and digital are not mutually exclusive. More to explore.



Know More about Timber Formworks

Timber formworks is the most common for concreting. In general specification of government Edition 2017 GS 2017-02, section 6 emphasizes the formworks requirements. Seldom is discussed the requirement for basic component of formworks and how it affects the construction quality.

The stratum, the propping, falsework, crossing bracing, head tree, purlin/runner and plywood soffit are all critical components to affect the formworks stability, concrete quality, the finishes level and the subsequent follow up works.



Drawing extracted from R.Chudley 2nd Ed Building Construction Handbook.

Photo : Construction Project under GBE inspection.

Floor Plate Subdivision in Hong Kong Part 1

As a consequence of the market segment happens across the rental market, the demand to some room size is highly concentrated. It makes the landlord to consider the floor plate subdivision for better yield income.

Unfortunately, some essential technical consideration such as DMC restriction, window, provision, HVAC, fire safety code etc are not given strong attention. This ends with the inferior and un-friendly layer. More story to tell from GBE later.


Insight from Bloomberg – Fed Warns of Significant Hit to Asset Prices If Crisis Grows

GBE agrees very much this headline from Bloomberg. It comes to our attention some institutions have been carrying out silently “de risking” or “de leveraging” in their already heavy-loaded asset portfolio taking the advance that the real estate market out-looks apparently look relatively stable than other investment



Insight form Mckinsey

A good insight articles about “reaction called for PE portfolio manager” published Mckinsey. The author stressed again the digital and growth initiative fund approach. GBE believes it is to create a product which the real estate and digital are mutually benefit.




Floor Plate Subdivision in Hong Kong Part 2

Subdivided Units are a ubiquitous type of rental housing in Hong Kong. Landlord always make an arduous effort on bedroom designs but disdain other technical issues. Therefore, some essential technical consideration such as ‘Black Toilet’ emerged.
Typically, it can be tackled by BA16 modification. Have you ever thought about Minor Works?