High Ceiling Inspection

GBE found the relax of headroom from PNAP has posed many difficulties to conduct professional inspection to above high ceiling. We made ourselves accessible with our own rising platform and wifi endoscope. Usually the drainage which poses the hygienic alert is hide above. Our way can ease many people pain.


How To Use Painting Product?

Painting products is a complex chemical product. The chemical process of paint film are vulnerable to the elements, humidity, solvent and craftsmanship. If the painting materials are contaminated, the mixing of solvent is incorrect proportionally, the drying condition and elements are unfavourable, the entire subsequent painting film drying process will become unpredictable.


Insight from Mckinsey – How consumer-goods companies can prepare for the next normal

Respond to C-19 pandemic.While many feel frustrated to the pandemic, “Amazon” has identified the significant up-soaring of fresh food groceries. Mckinsey reported the large-leaping of health-related products demand in China. GBE sees the derived demand for logistic, particularly the hidden demand for cold storage warehouse sitting along the major traffic route. GBE experienced the technical essence of cold storage is multiple.high ceiling warehouse; thermo-control partition wall;energy efficiency colding; loading/unloading space; cargo,water proof finishes.



Stone Cladding Inspection

Whilst stone cladding looks durable, GBE noticed some defects always be down-played its severity.To exemplify here is the hairline crack usually found on the stone surface. It may be easy regard as minor defects but indeed GBE thinks it isn’t.

The anchor bolt is inserted into the stone. The pattern and location of the cracks found near the anchor point becomes an alarming signal for building owners to pay attention to. The crack developed near the anchor obviously weaken the load taking capacity by the bolt. This eventually may cause stability failure.


Repairing Work for the Historical Building

Timber joist structure was found delaminated. This was caused by multiple reasons including the moisture and over-stressed. The repair came to reinforce the joist by steel-plate and through bolt. This can avoid excessive down-taking and re-do. Nevertheless, the moisture attack, which is the root cause, must be dealt prior to strengthening