Our Project Hailed on SCMP #5

When out-of-box idea meets GBE, GBE can always turn into reality and yielding asset. The aged building at its 70’s has transformed into modern contemporary look building with all Fire safety, electrical, transportation, structural loading and interior design all well done. Welcome enquiry and you may find more of this interesting upgrading in our website

Our Project Hailed on Sing Tao Daily #1

GBE has positioned the entire property by un-lock the potential through town planning application. GBE leads the team in formulate the section 16, compile the technical consideration and smoothing the transaction process with buyer. The whole property potential is highly visable and realistic for potential buyer.

Our Project Hailed On SCMP #4

GBE has applied the BIM together with the knowledge of AP & Building Surveyor , by leverage the expertise experience in asset enhancement. There comes with the large video wall together with two retails portions . The asset can yield at the level better than other comparables and keep stay afloat in today market

Our Project Hailed On SCMP #3

GBE has offered the Professional Surveyor expertise to assist one local private equity investment fund in both capital placement and Building Surveying to the building in UK. It demands off-shore property building surveying , site acquistiion, project evaluation, asset enhancement and timely reporting. GBE is able to understand the consolidated account , financial modelling and the financial statement cum the building technical knowledge. This makes our services much closer to what investors need.

Our Project Hailed On SCMP #2

GBE was the Development Manager and Project Manager leading the team to venture through different challegene. To unlock the huge potential of this precious piece of historical building, GBE has turned the historical part be the attraction and develop the residential tower in the way to meet the market aspiration of luxury residential building.

Our Project Hailed On SCMP #1

This is one of the beautiful example to blend the usage operation and real estate together. The operation thereof has attracted huge population flow which in return general significant amount of affiliated revenue stream to various business which eventually boost the rental value.

GBE with the landlord together has jointly assisted in various amusement facilities which are heavily demanding in safety, PPE compliance , building knowledge and team works . We pound of being the team. Welcome enquiry and feel free to drop us email