Austin Avenue Project

GBE reads the Propertyweek. GBE lead Austin Avenue project and have known many buildings in Hong Kong usually was not built with extra E-power; not with adequate ventilation ducting. Worse still, the louvres provision are limited by the pre-dominated needs for beautiful windows and the clear headroom is typically low for better GFA. This makes health sector be difficult to find right premises even this asset class is deemed to be the resilient and perform well in R.O.E.

Insight from Bloomberg -Share-office markets appears to be crashed by pandemic

GBE keeps abreast with market. Share-office markets appears to be crashed by pandemic. The capex injection for asset enhancement in return for future uplifting the accrual income in book apparently does not work. Office conversion to shared space involving right layout design, positioning the openable window, IT infrastructure, air treatment and circulation, Fireman staircase interchange, Beverage corner, right billboard, right elevator access and washroom facilities. These are all inter-acting factors for successful operation from Professional Building Surveyor

Mingtiandi reported Softbank pulled out from WE-WORK india
Bloomberg reported 23 April

Insight from Mckinsey – How consumer-goods companies can prepare for the next normal

Respond to C-19 pandemic.While many feel frustrated to the pandemic, “Amazon” has identified the significant up-soaring of fresh food groceries. Mckinsey reported the large-leaping of health-related products demand in China. GBE sees the derived demand for logistic, particularly the hidden demand for cold storage warehouse sitting along the major traffic route. GBE experienced the technical essence of cold storage is multiple.high ceiling warehouse; thermo-control partition wall;energy efficiency colding; loading/unloading space; cargo,water proof finishes.


Habitation Model in Hong Kong

GBE finds there are many variation of habitation Nowdays. From Financial Times, the studio apartment sized averagely at 37sq.m in UK. The smallest in Tyoko is 8sq.m. GBE finds one new recent development in Tuen Mun (HK) at 16sq.m.

Interestingly, some other habitation asset class like extended stay, co living, micro living offer alternative trend. The additional density in these assets uplifting the rents income per square foot but keeps the affordability to tenants.

GBE experienced the technical hurdles to unlock this rental premium potential are windows provision; HVAC, hygiene control, IT system;compliance, floor efficiency.


Insight from Mckinsey – Personalizing the customer experience: Driving differentiation in retail

GBE reads from Bloomberg and Mckinsey. GBE believes the hit to retail may find the way out by online and personalisation approach. Shopping malls need to boost up the customer experience with strong mixture of cultural-element to XYZ Gen.