Expert Witness (Construction)

Acting as the “Expert witness” to offer expert opinions to the court is a very meaningful assignment for the building professionals. Nevertheless, the Expert should act impartially to provide his expertise and experience to the matter or direction given by the court.

Sometimes, the court discredits the weighting of expert witness opinion because the expert may cherry-pick on providing the expert analysis on the matters concerned.

”In Dr Chan’s report, he appended a number of “assessment” and “condition survey” reports (Reports) prepared by Wong & Cheng Consulting Engineers Limited (WC) for the Owners prior to the 2015 Order. The assessment/survey reports attached to an expert report were inadmissible on the basis that although leave had been given to adduce the expert report, it had not been given to adduce the assessment/survey reports attached to it. The Court pointed out that expert evidence is not only evidence of opinion, but also factual evidence which goes to an expert issue. ” (Expert reports within expert reports and the need for leave to adduce them – Deacon, 2019)

It is undeniable that the factual evidence and dispute could become the admissible opinion but not only the jargon words. As seasoned experts in the construction field, we adhere to the Code of Practices (COP) and construction standards, therefore we can provide reliable professional advice and expert witness testimony.

Dedicating to the construction assignment of “Expert witness” can showcase our superior knowledge and skill in the construction industry, and can also tackle the deadlock situation and bring to light in court.

Paramount importance is to assist the parties in approaching the fact of matters and hopefully the contesting parties can settle the disputes eventually.