Regular Drainage Piping Inspection for Building


Regular pipe inspection is one of the important preventive maintenance for all buildings. During the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), all residential buildings may experience high usage of water as most of the people have to stay at home for work and daily life. The drainage pipe system may easily get blocked and the aging problem during this period, CCTV inspection can help to monitor the condition of piping system which can find out the potential problems.

The inner coating of the epoxy drainage pipes has been designed to withstand most chemical stress and resist abrasion. Made of an epoxy-resin regularly assessed, this coating benefits from continuous improvement to meet wastewater drainage increasing constraints. Its smooth surface enhances flow capacity and prevents incrustations and deposits. However, the workmanship may affect the piping durability and also create the risk of clogging. Therefore, close monitoring for replacement workmanship is also an important issue to prevent risk.